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Accumulating vermiculite sources-how to?

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Accumulating vermiculite sources-how to? Empty Accumulating vermiculite sources-how to?

Post  Admin on 3/5/2010, 7:59 pm

Alan set-up a mod only forum so I moved everything there-be sure to log in to see it!

"Where can I find vermiculite" is probably one of the most frequently asked questions whenever SFG is being discussed. What a great forum promotional tool it would be if everybody in the real world could answer "go to the SFG forum, the members have a list going". I have a dream of a forum database of vermiculite sources, that is maintained by forum members. I don't know if that's possible, but that's for down the road.

In the meantime, I'm thinking we can start accumulating and organizing data that is showing up on the forum this week.
I've got some ideas, hopefully you'll have some. We can use the regional forums to collect vermiculite sources by:

1. having threads titled: "Vemiculite available in yourcity, your state"
2 having a thread titled: "Vermiculite available in 'your regional name' forum
3. make no.2 a sticky to stay at the top of the regional forum (can members post to stickies? I forget)
4. have a message somewhere on the forum pointing out where the vermiculite threads are
5. have a message somewhere to encourage all members to post their V sources in whatever area we set up

I've been asking posters who make a reference to buying V to make a V post in their regional forums and it seems to be received ok-they're doing it.

Any other ideas for handling this subject? It seems like something productive we can do without infringing on Alan's limited time.

If you guys show up here, and like brainstorming this way, I have an idea for something I think of as 'regional greeters/monitors'. I'm projecting ahead to a point where we get so busy that we can't be everywhere at once. Regional greeters can help us get to that point and take some of the work load.

Ward had me fooled for a long time: I thought he was collecting and saving vermiculite sources at home, when in fact he was just using google to come up with ideas!

If you log out, and then sign in as sfguser (who is a mod here), password 12345678 you'll see the hidden forum that only mods can see.



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