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A partial interview w/ owner of very popular forum

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A partial interview w/ owner of very popular forum Empty A partial interview w/ owner of very popular forum

Post  liz on 3/1/2010, 6:21 pm

" What are the major decisions that have really improved the popularity of your forum? Do you have tips, ideas, methods you use to maintain interest, activity and loyalty of your members?

To maintain the interest, activity and loyalty of members, you should always know and understand what they want. Love what they love. Listen to your members' feedback and suggestions. No matter how simple or big these ideas are, they are special because they have been carefully thought about. My favorite section in Bearville Guide is Bright Ideas for BGF. This is where members share their feedback and suggestions for the forum. I always make sure to consider every idea and try to turn it into something bigger.

Be innovative. Give your members something to look forward to.

Be original. Do not copy another forum's ideas. Something that is not your own will never last.

Lastly, as the site owner, listen to your team of admins/mods. Listen to their feedback, suggestions and grievances. Learn how to compromise. Work as a TEAM."

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